Compliance Program Development

Organizations should develop comprehensive programs to meet the demands of the reliability compliance requirements. The most successful entities can demonstrate defined processes, procedures, and governing policies that coordinate, control, and monitor compliance activities. JDEC assists clients in the development and implementation of compliance programs that are sustainable and robust and can meet the demands of these mandatory and evolving standards.



JDEC Solutions is quickly growing into the premier consulting company for providing North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance consulting services to entities responsible for the reliability of the bulk power system. Our business model is simple; provide the highest quality NERC consulting services at the best prices possible. We accomplish this objective by first, hiring some of the most talented people in the industry. Second, we optimize our efforts to focus only on those NERC Reliability concerns that are important to your organization and that stand in the way of accomplishing your compliance goals. Our knowledge of the NERC standards, their origin, and how to comply in a timely and cost effective manner translates into actionable recommendations that our clients can leverage in their compliance strategy.

Compliance Policy, Procedure and Training Development

Comprehensive NERC procedures provide operations and compliance teams with the instruction necessary to maintain and demonstrate compliance. JDEC has extensive experience in developing policies and procedures to address reliability requirements and can provide training on NERC procedures to support consistent performance of compliance related tasks.


Continuous Compliance Assessments

Compliance is not a one-time activity. Registered entities should have continual awareness of their current state of compliance and be prepared to respond to NERC requests for information. JDEC designs internal audit programs to sample compliance activities on a defined timetable that considers compliance history, violation risk factors, industry compliance violation trends, and compliance reporting obligations. Internal compliance assessments can also be used to assess operational effectiveness and limit compliance risk and liability while ensuring that the entity is prepared to meet external reporting responsibilities.

NERC COMPLIANCE - Operations & Planning, Cyber Security (CIP)

Cyber Security

The Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards change frequently and can present significant challenges. Registered entities must establish solid controls to identify and protect critical assets and associated critical cyber assets. It is equally important that they retain documentation of compliance with these cyber security standards and are able to provide the appropriate evidence in response to NERC data requests. We provide risk-based assessments and, based upon the applicability of CIP standards can help design and implement programs to achieve, monitor, and document compliance.

Audit Preparatory Assistance: Gap Analysis and Mock Audit

The most effective way to prepare for a NERC audit is through a third party evaluation of compliance program documentation, procedures, and evidence. JDEC performs gap analyses and mock audits to assess the state of compliance for NERC policies and procedures and help prepare client personnel for audit. The JDEC team consists of former auditors and former compliance managers who have been audited to provide clients with a clear perspective from both sides of the audit table.