Enrique Carbia

As Vice President and Principal Consultant at JDEC Solutions, Enrique has over 11 years of experience directing NERC regulatory compliance in the RF, NPCC, WECC, TRE and SERC Regions. Prior to joining JDEC Solutions, Enrique held numerous positions developing and leading NERC Compliance for IPPs; Mirant Corporation, GenOn Energy and NRG Energy.

To date, Enrique has successfully led 15 audits in the GO and GOP registration functions as well as a CIP Audit for a TOP registration. His areas of expertise include;

  • Developing and directing Internal Compliance Programs;​
  • Developing and fostering cultures of compliance;
  • Tacking and monitoring regulations associated with NERC, Regional and Independent System Operators;
  • Conducting on-going assessments and gap analysis;
  • Gathering facts and assembling concise, and comprehensive written reports;
  • Developing and maintaining programs, policies, procedures, guidelines, templets and training;Preparing self-reports, mitigation plans and acting as the liaison between the company and regulatory agencies on compliance matters including settlements and penalty negotiations

Mike Hemingson

Mike is a NERC CIP Compliance Analyst at JDEC Solutions, and has over 3 years in developing testing software, testing and supervising configuration change management within a repository based environment.

Prior to joining JDEC Solutions, Mike worked as an Automated Testing Developer for a software measurement company that specialized in the petroleum industry. Daily, monthly, and quarterly verifications had to be performed for specific software testing.  Necessary changes were reviewed, recorded, and approved for further action.  Mike provided oversight for the changes, reported to the stakeholders, resolved issues with senior management, and collaborated with the user on any functional changes.

At the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, Mike was lead client consultant and software instructor on special projects.  The project team assisted charitable organizations develop and maintain their websites and in-house software applications.

Darrell Scruggs

As the President of JDEC Solutions and Managing Member of the NERC Compliance Services Team, Darrell has over 25 years of experience in the utility and energy business. Prior to joining JDEC Solutions, Darrell served as the Manager of CIP Regulatory Compliance for NRG Energy, the largest IPP in the US. He also served as the Director of Operations and Planning NERC Regional Compliance for Calpine Corporation, where he developed and instituted a comprehensive and robust NERC compliance program, complete with compliance tracking software and multi-level training programs. Darrell’s expertise also extends into the IT sector with his work as CIP task force lead and in the implementation of a Meter Data Acquisition System which included end-to-end data management and distribution on a fleet-wide basis. Darrell has also developed both software and hardware solutions to enhance the capabilities of an enterprise based on technical needs. 


In previous roles, Darrell was a Distribution Engineer and Senior SCADA engineer at Texas New Mexico Power. He has also served as the IT Manager responsible for the procurement and installation of an Energy Management System and associated Remote Terminal Units and oversaw the development of a multitude of plant support and forecasting systems. Additionally, Darrell has represented the Independent Power Producer market segment on the Reliability Standards Committee at Texas Regional Entity and was a long time member of ERCOT’s Performance Disturbance Committee Working Group.

Bob Janusaitis

As the Director of NERC CIP Compliance at JDEC solutions, Bob has over 9 years of experience performing NERC/CIP gap analyses, mock audits, response exercises, mitigation, and providing subject matter expertise to some of the largest registered entities in all NERC regions.  Bob’s additional 30 plus years in information technology operations, IT audit, emergency response, and critical infrastructure protection provides a broad perspective on managing compliance programs.

Bob has a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Homeland Security from Texas A&M University, he also holds numerous certifications in cyber related domains and business continuity including the CISA,CISM,CRISC, and CBCP.  He has held leadership positions in numerous professional organizations throughout his career.

Bob’s IT audit background provides clients with a unique insight into what regional auditors expect, and how to properly formulate and present evidence to the audit team. He has a special ability to build rapport and forge productive, long-term relationships with stakeholders at all levels, including peers, cohorts, and external customers. A trusted adviser, agent, and confidant at highest levels. He is an adaptable, visionary leader who is adept at handling fast-paced, rapidly changing situations in highly challenging settings.

Chris Coulter

Chris has more than 14 years of practicing within the power producer market segment through various organizations such as; ICF International, Calpine Corporation, Bear Stearns, Duke Energy, and now through JDEC Solution’s. He has been advising companies on best practices in regulatory compliance strategies and his experience extends to all aspects of the compliance lifecycle, from conducting self-assessments and audits, to helping clients develop their governance organizational structure and on-going compliance programs, to playing an active role in audit discussions with regulators and external auditors, investigations and enforcement actions.

NERC COMPLIANCE - Operations & Planning, Cyber Security (CIP)


JDEC's NERC Compliance Services is an industry leader in providing North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance services to entities responsible for the reliability of the bulk power system. We have decades of experience in regulatory affairs, regulatory compliance, compliance program development, training development, cyber security, and other disciplines. Our extensive knowledge of NERC standards, their origin, and how to comply in a timely and cost effective manner translates into results-driven assessments and actionable recommendations that help our clients reach their compliance goals.

William J. Temple

Bill is a Senior Consultant with JDEC Solutions.  He has a diverse background with over 30 years of experience in the power industry including nuclear generation, transmission and distribution.  Prior to joining JDEC Solutions, Bill held a number of management positions while with Eversource Energy (formerly Northeast Utilities) including NERC Reliability Compliance Manager, Nuclear Licensing Manager and Corrective Action Manager.  He also held the position of Lead Compliance Analyst while with PJM Interconnection working with the ISO on their NERC compliance program.  Bill was a member of the NERC Compliance & Certification Committee (CCC), NERC ERO Monitoring Subcommittee, NPCC Compliance Committee (CC) and the co-chair of NPCC’s Task Force-Infrastructure, Security &Technology (TFIST).

 In his prior roles, Bill was responsible for leading the compliance efforts for Eversource’s registered entities (Transmission Operator, Transmission Owner, Generator Owner/Operator, Transmission Planner, Distribution Provider). Responsibilities included preparation for all external NERC 693 and CIP audits and spot checks.  The compliance group, lead by Bill, worked with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to write Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAWs) and the company’s NERC and CIP compliance training.  Other responsibilities for compliance were standards development/balloting, self-reporting and mitigation plan development, self-certifications, compliance reporting such as protection system misoperations, Event Analysis, vegetation management, and NERC Alerts.

Prior positions in commercial nuclear power generation include licensing and compliance; Quality Assurance, corrective action and root cause analysis.

James Mason


James is a Principal at JDEC Solutions and his past experiences in electric generation spans over 40 years in power plant construction, maintenance, operation, engineering and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining JDEC Solutions, James held the position of Director of NERC Compliance at NRG Energy and GenOn Energy. He successfully led a cross functional team of lawyers, engineers and compliance specialists that developed a strong comprehensive NERC compliance program. The program consisted of an Internal Compliance Program governance document, computer based event tracking and data collection platform. A computer based multi-level training program was developed and utilized by applicable employees. Successful audits across five NERC regions resulted in no fines. Prior to James’ NERC compliance experience, he also served as a regional engineering manager, general plant manager and other engineering positions. This experience is very beneficial in developing a NERC compliance program that spans across a company’s diverse departments and can result in a successful and repeatable program. His broad knowledge of the electric utility industry is invaluable in developing and communicating the relationships between company employees and the NERC requirements.